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West Point Military Base

On the weekend of May 9th, Troop 201 went to the West Point Scoutmaster's 41st Annual Camporee at the military academy of West Point. Among the events at the camporee were knot tying, strecher carrying, cammo training, rope bridge crossing, a scavenger hunt, and several other events. The boys left early Friday morning, and got to West Point at around two in the afternoon. After they arrived, they went for a three mile hike in order to arrive at their campsite. Along the way, they were met by guards at check points that made sure that they were hydrated. After setting up their campsite, they went for a tour of the grounds, came back to the campsite, and had dinner. The next day, they were wakened up at about six in the morning for physical traning. Following breakfast, the scouts attended quite possibly, the shortest opening ceremony in scouting history, which lasted for all of about thirty seconds. The rest of the day was spent attending various activities, and competing in different competitions. The evening was spent being entertained by selections from about thirty of the hundred and thirty scout troops in attendance. On Sunday, there was Drill practice and marching, then a tour of the main campus. Everyone that went had a good time, and learned a lot of interesting facts. See some pictures of the trip.

August 2003