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Scouting on the Internet

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Scouting on the World Wide Web Places to Start Browsing

Scouting on the World Wide Web

The World Wide Web is the hottest thing in Cyberspace these days. The amount of stuff out there is growing at an enormous rate. The amount of Scouting related stuff out there is growing at the same rate. If you are not familiar with terms like HTML, HTTP, URLs and hyperlinks, you will be soon.

If you do not have access to the Web, you can retrieve any URL by sending (SEND "URL address") to ( .

Places to Start Browsing

There are a few very good places to begin Scouting on the Web. This section will give you some of those starting places. The number of Scouting related Web home pages is increasing daily, so that there is no way to exhaustively catalog them. Go browse for yourself.

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Boy Scouts of America:

The official BSA starting place is the Boy Scouts of America, Inc, WWW Pages for the Boy Scouts of America and Member Units. The URL for this home page is This home page contains links to the following:

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Major US Sites

A major US site is the Berkeley Troop 24 home page, provided by Alan R. Houser, Scoutmaster. This home page can be found at . Besides providing a lot of information about their troop, this home page provides a link to the Mount Diablo Silverado Council home page.

There are now a lot of Boy Scout Troops with their own home pages. You can find some links at There are also links to OA Lodge, Explorer and other unit home pages at this site.

There are even some Cub Scout Packs that have home pages. There are links to them at .

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Some other interesting places go to on the Web

There must be hundreds of Scouting related URLs by now. One gets that feeling particularly when browsing pages on non-US servers, because they provide many scouting links I've never heard of before. Thanks to many people for the growing list below:

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Special Interest:

The 10th World Moot was held 15-26 July 1996, in Ransberg, Sweden. There is a home page for this meeting at the following URL: .

Leader Magazine articles and other files can be found at the following URL:

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Various Countries:

The Scouts of Finland have a home page at the following URL: .

Guiding & Scouting in Sweden -- An overview of scouting in Sweden -- is presented at URL: .

The Dutch language home page, to promote Scouting in Amsterdam, is at the following URL: . There is also an English language home page to get information about Scouting in Amsterdam at URL: . One of the interesting features on this service is an interactive Scouting Quiz (in Dutch). There is a Guest Book, and the Amsterdam Scouting Calendar on this page also.

The Scouting in the Netherlands home page is located at the following URL:

BUGS - Bath University Guides and Scouts home page is at the following URL: . Other pages available at this site are:

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Kevin A. Hogan, a 20-year-old second-year student at the University of California, Berkeley, has a series of magnificient Philmont photographs at URL: .

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Various BSA Councils:

BSA Councils:

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Various BSA Units:

The BSA Explorer Post 123 home page can be found at the following URL:

The BSA Project COPE page is located at the following URL:

Other BSA Troops:

Other Explorer Posts:

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And don't forget The MacScouter home page of Gary Hendra, your humble author of Scouting on the Internet. There are a lot of really neat links, mostly my own pages, from my Home page. Check it out!

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6.4 Girl Scouts on the Web

The Patriots' Trail Girl Scout Council Boston, Massachusetts, USA, home page is at URL: .

If you are looking for Girl Scout clipart, there are a number of PC and Mac clipart files on the Scouts-L archive. To obtain a listing, send an e-mail message to, with the single line INDEX SCOUTS-L . There are two sets of files, the PC versions are listed under SCOUTPCX, and the Mac versions are listed under MACPICTS. The files are:

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