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Camp Merz Summer Camp 2001

During the first full week of August, Troop 201 took their annual trip to Camp Merz, in Mayville, NY, for summer camp. Sunday was spent unpacking at Apache campsite, after a little confusion, because someone got us mixed up with another troop. After unpacking was supper, followed by an opening campfire. Monday was the Water Carnival day. After supper, we all went down to the waterfront to participate in different games. Among the most famous of which, is the 'Greased Watermelon' fight. Two people from each troop compete to get a Crisco-covered watermelon into an inner tube. The next night, most people went to outposts for different merit badge classes. As luck, and Camp Merz legend, would have it, the camp staff was alerted of a huge thunderstorm heading our way. Fortunetly, the storm missed us, but some were rather ticked because they were up all night preparing for it. Wednesday night was kitchen staff night off, so most troops had to cook in site. Our troop was invited by Troop 47 to come join them in Evergreen campsite for an informal friendship dinner. We had steak, ribs, corn, and peach cobbler. Thursday night was a new ScoutCraft Meet, where troops competed in different camping and outdoors skills, such as Tomahawk throwing, an Orienteering course, fire building contest, and a storytelling contest. Friday, the last day of camp, we had a big dinner, which parents were invited to, and the closing campfire, at which, troops were encouraged to put on skits for. Overall, it was a nice camping experience, as always.

August 2001