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Wright Patterson Air Force Base & Canoeing 2001

Over Memorial Day weekend, 2001, Troop 201 was in Dayton, Ohio, having a ball. On the 25th, when we were done checking into the A.F.B. and setting up tents, we went on a tour of downtown Dayton on a 'Duck' -- an amphibious vehicle capable of going on land or in the water. After that, we went back to the A.F.B. and got ourselves soaked that night. Saturday morning, we woke, to a scene of disaster. The rain the night before had soaked half of the people's sleeping bags, forcing Mr. DeBiso and Mr. Norton to seek out a laundramat - and quarters. Meanwhile, the rest of us went to the Air Force Museum to look at all of the planes there. There were a -lot- of -big- planes there. Including all of the Air Force Ones, a B-52, a B-2, a Stealth Bomber, Cargo Planes, Antique planes from WWI and WWII, and a replica of the Wilbur Brothers first plane, to name a few. There was also an IMAX theatre, with movies playing related to flight, a gift shop, and a small space museum. After we were all done, (and the rain started again) we went to Pizza Hut for dinner. Then we went back to the A.F.B., and another night of rain. This time though, we didn't get as wet. In the morning, we started packing up, and left for Loudonville, Ohio. When we got there, we went to the Mohican Canoe Livery to rent a few canoes and go down the Mohican River. We went down 7 miles of river to lunch. It was a nice day for canoeing -- so far. After we headed off for the next 7 miles, it started to rumble in the distance. As our luck would have it, the thunder started comming our way, so we headed for shore. Then it started to sprinkle, it started to rain, it started to rain hard, and it started to hail. There we were, out next to the river, most of us in muck or clay, getting pounded on by 1/8th of an inch ice balls. Some of us were stuck on a high bank when it started, and had a heck of a time ducking the ice, keeping out of the water, and not loosing their canoes while they were at it. We were wet, tired, and beat when we finally got back to the Livery, most of us were just a little off of our usuall, happy, selves. When we were dry, we got back on the road and headed home. Most of us will agree, that even though we were wet half the time, (the other half was in the Museum) it was an experience to remember.

July 2001