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36th Annual Calumet International Camporee

August 17th through the 19th was the 36th Annual Calumet International Camporee, and some members of Troop 201 were there. The Camporee was held at Elk Lick Scout Reserve, located near Smethport, PA. The Reserve has 1600 acres of hardwood forest, plenty of trails, a small lake for boating, and a swimming pool for swimming. About 800 scouts, from the USA and Canada, were present. There was no shortage of events either, with an IronScout Triathalon, Jeep Trail rides, Patch Trading, and a car crushing event. The Triathalon was a made up of three different challenges, canoeing around the lake, swimming around the pool, and running a track. The rides took people around a trail, courtesy of Jeep Jamboriee, which recently merged with Allegheny Highlands Council. The patch trading was interesting to say the least, several council patches were from Florida, California, Kentucky, and the like. But the car crushing was really something. A tank, and a car from a junkyard, in a parking lot. Needless to say, it was fun to watch. All of the people from our troop that went had a fun time.

August 2001